Congrats to Slobstah, G, and newly elected Congressman Allred!

Loh-sze has been putting in the work on Colin Allred’s campaign for Texas’s 32nd district vs. longtime incumbent Pete Sessions. Allred was raised by a single mother, attended Baylor, played for the Tennessee Titans, received Cal Berkeley law degree, and served in the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Office of General Counsel during Obama presidency. Dallas voters spoke loudly. Congrats and great work by Loh-Sze and G, who joined her this week for the final push!

Slobbie, clean up your hubbie and start your own campaign!

They did it! Loh-Sze, Colin, et al celebrating a lot of hard work tonight!

Family Politics

Last weekend block walking for the Allred campaign

How awesome to have Slobbie and Noemi on a stage where they’re not needed as diversity props!