CLS7 Pumpkin Carving

Jelena’s first non-orientation day. Building evacuation and pumpkin carving. Just a regular day in CLS.

Thanks to the Banks Lab, the newest members of our Division for organizing the floor Pumpkin carving contest. Smiles at work now allowed?

Rodents were clearly the theme for this year.

Somehow the Tsai selfie pumpkin didn’t place. I would have judged differently!

The ears are spot on. Seriously, how could that mug not win best pumpkin?

Maratos-Flier lab pumpkin Rorschach test: what do you see? Mouse in a witches hat? Hummingbird dropping a deuce?

#4 has got to be the winner!

Standard Disclaimer: Banks lab works on naked mole rats. BIDMC a harassment-free workplace.

Well actually the DREADD mouse pumpkin won first place. Congrats to the Lowell lab team!