Congrats to Luhong and Shiwei on getting married!

恭喜他們結婚了 !

(or so google translate tells me)

So, totally forgot to grab pics a from celebratory lunch at Jojo… some pics of the food we ate is the best I could do.

Five spice beef in scallion pancake

pan-fried dumplings

Kong Xin Cai 空心菜 (Ong choy)

xiao long bao

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 10.10.54 PM.png

Spicy Beef noodle soup

Pigs ears (order this!)

Dan Dan noodles

Pork Belly buns

Egg in Scallion pancake

Welcome Banks Lab

Alex Banks and lab just joined the Division, and will be our direct neighbors. They arrive from across the street at the Brigham and are bringing their experience in running and analyzing CLAMS, metabolic physiology, and interest in genetics and pharmacological treatments for obesity and type 2 Diabetes to the division.

And more importantly, they bring a tradition of early-and-often champagne celebrations for great achievements such as joining the division!

Yuchen, June, Deepti, Jess, and Alex

Yuchen, June, Deepti, Jess, and Alex

Alex christening the lab