Welcome Jelena!

Jelena joins us from Indiana University Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics to do single cell and all things -seq. You wouldn’t know it from her lab pics, but she claims she is no nonsense.

Welcome Luhong!

Luhong officially started today!

She comes to us from Suzanne Moenter’s lab where she worked on estradiol-mediated functional plasticity in hypothalamic kisspeptin neurons and their input onto gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) neurons.

Already hard at work with Deepti on getting Dronc-seq up and running! As the first postdoc in the lab, she has no shoes to fill?

Deepti, Luhong and Adam checking out droplet occupancy

Deepti and the Jordan GOAT sweatshirt. Luhong approves.

Welcome Banks Lab

Alex Banks and lab just joined the Division, and will be our direct neighbors. They arrive from across the street at the Brigham and are bringing their experience in running and analyzing CLAMS, metabolic physiology, and interest in genetics and pharmacological treatments for obesity and type 2 Diabetes to the division.

And more importantly, they bring a tradition of early-and-often champagne celebrations for great achievements such as joining the division!

Yuchen, June, Deepti, Jess, and Alex

Yuchen, June, Deepti, Jess, and Alex

Alex christening the lab